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Los Angeles Online Reputation Management Protecting The Social Proof.

Los Angeles Reputation Management is vital for professionals who run a Los Angeles business that have an active client base. Paying very close attention to managing your Los Angeles online reputation can crush your business or make it the market place winner. The days when personal vouching and control of your reputation is gone, these days negative information about a product or service can travel across the Internet in just a matter of hours.

This can have a negative impact on your company image and bottom line. Find out how to manage your online reputation the smartest way possible to dictate your targets perception of you, and the social proof that is building up. Los Angeles Reputation Management Consultant Lawrence Blumberg explains:

“Understanding how to monitor, manage and repair your online reputation as needed, is not an ‘extra’ any longer. If you don’t, survival in your market is questionable at best. This is not an understatement, especially in Los Angeles, with Hollywood at the center of the movement.”

Create and engage your audience with a locally based reputation boosting blog. Showing your audience that your products/services are credible and also protecting your brand against negative influences is key for all local businesses need Los Angeles online reputation management. Building a credible online reputation is paramount in supporting your experience to generate that trust.

Los Angeles Reputation Management Consultant
Los Angeles Reputation Management Consultant

While there are different, creative ways to do this, one of the easiest methods is a professional blog platform. Platforms like WordPress.com will allow you to send targeted knowledge out to your audience and establishes you as the authority or source in your service area. It’s also free. You can see my WordPress blog on being an online reputation management consultant here.

The posts that you make on your blog should be targeted towards your ideal clients & prospects and give real value. If you post good quality material on your blog, it can have a viral effect to get your messages in front of more of your desired targets. Giving the impression of professional authority in your industry to others as well as maintaining your online reputation, can be invaluable to new client generation.

When writing your posts, including geo modifiers can help the search engines know you’re the hyper local expert. You may have noticed in this piece that ‘Los Angeles’ is in front of online reputation management throughout. This is partly intentional, so I get the attention of the 27,000+ people who are searching every month for Los Angeles reputation management related information. Of course, this isn’t intended to sacrifice the ease of reading or value of information.

If you’re creative, you can make it work. Someone searching for a “bankruptcy attorney in San Fernando” will have a chance to see your blog post if you added that location to your post. As long as you don’t ‘stuff’ your writing with those keywords, Google will give you the local benefit. Make sure anything you write passes the ‘radio test’. If it would read on the radio clearly and legibly, you should be fine.

Additionally, the more satisfied your new clients are, the more referrals and supportive reviews on your Google Plus page can direct even more new business. As you post more valuable articles, you’ll notice increased search engine traffic to your blog, giving you more exposure for your product & services and instantly associates your service with quality content. Many other websites will want to feature your content so they can be relevant on their blogs. This extra exposure can spread across the web like a lightning bolt! This ‘instant expert’ perception can be the difference from consumers choosing your service, or your competitors.

Los Angeles online reputation monitoring leveraging press releases can support your blogging efforts as well. Spreading news about your practice has never been faster to syndicate, especially if it’s compelling to people who need your services today. Your news can be spread across the web in a matter of seconds, and when it does you should have control of the effect it has to further your business development.

In order to maintain your Los Angeles online reputation, keep track of every web based report, and alerts (Google Alerts is a great and free service) that mentions your business and related services. Since we’re focussing here in and around Los Angeles, make sure you use keywords related to your areas of service and the cities, towns and neighborhoods to hyperlocalize your credibility like discussed above. An alert for “cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills”, or “Divorce Attorney in Pasadena” will alert you to content live on the search engines about you, and your competitors. This intelligence can show you what competing businesses are doing online so you’re never losing market share. I have even changed the URL of my LinkedIn profile to reflect my passion for being a reputation management consultant.

Online video Marketing is perhaps the strongest visual online reputation management tool, and is easier to develop and broadcast on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites than most think. To start, try this service for free: Animoto. The free version has their branding mark, but will bring you up to speed quickly. The paid version is around $40 a month for unlimited videos. (that’s peanuts compared to the new clients it can bring in).

When you’re engaging with prospective clients online, a personal connection is crucial. This allows you to interact with your client base on a one-to-one basis, where you can look for individual concerns or problems. People prefer to interact and communicate with an individual, a peer among a group that they understand rather than a spokesperson for a company. Finding out what people are saying and think about your company requires that you get down to the individual level and this information will make it easier to manage your Los Angeles online reputation.

Make sure you’re monitoring your Los Angeles online reputation consistently, and engaging when the public reacts. As you monitor what is being said online about your business, if there are any problems you will be able to take care of them immediately. This prompt follow up is rarely given by service providers, and customer service is still at the top of the need list from your prospective clients during their purchase cycle with you.

For assistance, there are local Meetup Groups where industry experts share information on best practices and strategies how to do this correctly. There’s one based here called the Los Angeles Online Reputation Management Group. Not surprisingly, and they are looking for more business owners to share their needs, and offer advise that is very valuable.

The goal here is to monitor, manage and if needed repair your Los Angeles reputation online. Los Angeles online reputation management consultants can strategize with you to best compete in this landscape of ‘social discovery’ we live in. Pay attention to your clients expectations and this can be a passive practice, neglect service and you can find it challenging to stay afloat very quickly. This idea is not a fad, trick or hot tip. It’s reality.

Los Angeles reputation management that preserves your brand and secures your local, social proof can be an excellent layer of protection, and a strong profit driver. Reach me today and perhaps I can help you.


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